Author Services


Services Summary:

Book Shepherd (Business Development, Management, Representation)

Book business development and management – building thought leaders

Publisher Representation

Listen to publisher/writer goals, vision for company, self, material

Critically examine book contents. Objective counsel and recommendations

Mindful input for content development; preliminary editing

Present manuscripts to editors, designers, indexers, publishers

Book title, subtitle guidance; front and back cover copy

Self-publishing guidance

Assess author strengths, marketplace competition (competition analysis)

Input to build author and book identity (branding)

Position author to be called upon as an expert (platform)

Customized business and market action plans (future growth)

Web site design advice and content creation (copy), site updating

Negotiate domestic publishing contracts/foreign distribution contracts

Research, select, negotiate with translators

Representation at publishing trade conferences, book expos, book fairs

Explore new business opportunities (profit streams)


Book Marketing/Public Relations/Event Production/Web PR

Produce marketing collateral (brochures, press kits, postcards, posters,bookmarks, business cards, fact sheets, speaker one sheets)

Create author’s on-line newsroom

Create and deliver media pitches for newspapers, magazines, radio and TV programs that are a meaningful match

Identify, book & coordinate international, national, local radio/TV interviews

Write press releases (distribute in all media)

Schedule and produce talks at bookstores, workshops

Internet opportunities and niche marketing – groups, social media networking sites, e-magazines, wikie, social bookmarking, blogs, Internet radio interviews, podcasting – determine most meaningful venues for client, SEO, social media with FB, LinkedIn, Twitter

Obtain worthy book reviews, endorsements

Book award submissions

Create, distribute, answer publisher/author correspondence


Campaigns tailored to client needs, talents, time (availability), material and budget

Consummate networker, matchmaker, placement skills (according to clients)



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