About Wendy

Wendy Jane Carrel

Book Ambassador, Book Shepherd Wendy, at your service…

Short-form story…

I wear complementary healthcare hats.

The first is as an enthusiastic, knowledgeable book shepherd and marketing maven for award-winning wellness authors and publishers. Creating solid, long-term business foundations and bringing public awareness of remarkable client achievements domestically and internationally is my focus.  Since 2005.

My areas of expertise are mental health, integrative medicine, global health, senior care, palliative care, hospice, and end-of-life planning and companioning.

My other passions are work on occasion as an international health journalist and senior care consultant for Chile, Ecuador and Mexico. I write and speak about options abroad for North Americans who cannot afford high costs of assisted living, Alzheimer’s care, medical care, or long-term health care insurance at home for themselves or their parents.

See also www.wellnessshepherd.com and education/training below…

Blessings for all, blessings for our planet, and to your health,

Wendy Jane Carrel

M.J. Investigative Journalism, UC Berkeley  http://journalism.berkeley.edu/

Diplomacy certificate, University of Stockholm International Graduate School  http://www.ekohist.su.se/sis/

State of California RCFE Administrator licenses, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly. Renewable certifications for Hospice Care, Hospice Waiver Licenses, Alzheimer’s Care, Admissions, etc.  http://www.ccld.ca.gov/PG543.htm

Palliative Care certificate Colegio Nacional de Cuidados Paliativos de Jalisco, Mexico  www.comecupal.com.mx  500 hours

Hospice training, FASEC, a foundation and hospice in Cuenca, Ecuador with Care Partners International of Bellevue, Washington  https://www.facebook.com/fasec.cuenca  Sitting hospice as a volunteer since 1999.

Preparing for a Good Death (Prepararsi para Un Buen Morir) training with Argentinian psychiatrist Hugo Dopaso, author of El Derecho a Bien Morir and TED speaker in Argentina, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvCLm4GPoRY

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