Paulist Bookstore, Guadalajara, Mexico
Book shepherd Wendy at Paulist Bookstore, Guadalajara, Mexico to see if the five-store city chain will carry Dra Susana Lua Nava’s El Enfermo: Terreno Sagrado (The Ill: Sacred Territory)
Book Shepherd Wendy Jane Carrel at GDL Book Fair Oceano stand with Guadalupe Ordaz
Book Shepherd Wendy Jane Carrrel at Guadalajara Book Fair Oceano stand with Editorial Coordinator Guadalupe Ordaz

Wendy Jane Carrel

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable wellness book shepherd with expertise in mental health, integrative medicine, global health, medical tourism, senior care, palliative care, hospice, and end-of-life planning can be discovered at:

1049 Havenhurst Drive #128  West Hollywood, CA 90046-6002 


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