Praise from some of Wendy Jane’s clients and collaborators:

WJ’s clients are original thinkers, passionate about their work, here to serve others, and willing to share what they know. Working together from inception has garnered book awards and recognition as bestsellers.

Wellness Authors:

“Wendy Jane Carrel’s experience and knowledge of the publishing field was invaluable to me as she helped me negotiate my first book contract.  She then helped my book Mindfulness Skills Workbook for Clinicians and Clients (PESI Publishing) become a #1 bestseller in several categories by writing compelling press releases and promoting the book online. I also relied on her expert guidance to create an effective media section on my website. Wendy is a warm, wise, and inspired professional who I feel honored to have on my team.

  • Debra Burdick, LCSW, best-selling author and speaker on Mindfulness and ADHD

“Thank you for all you have done for Chakra Gardens. You do your work so well and have shown me how helpful that kind of work is. I have appreciated your insights, and your generosity.” 

  • Carol Cumes, author, non-profit foundation founder, owner of sustainable guest lodge in Peru (, organic gardener, green and healthful living advocate, community builder

Chakra Gardens won Best Mind, Body, Spirit IPPY (Independent Publisher’s) Gold Award, first place in Writer’s Digest Inspirational category which included a $1000 monetary prize, and, a highly prestigious Gold Nautilus Award., formerly

“You certainly do your homework and you do wonderful and creative work on our behalf. We can always call you for good advice on every aspect of publishing. You have helped take us places we never imagined. For example, The Healing Power of the Breath, became a #1 Best Seller in Taiwan! It is a pleasure to work with you because, in addition to your network of professional contacts and your wide knowledge of the publishing world, you are very kind, caring, and understanding.

  • Richard P. Brown, MD and Patricia Gerbarg, MD, psychiatrists and professors, world-renowned experts in Integrative Medicine for mental health

How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health Care (WW Norton, 2009)

Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD (WW Norton, 2012)

The Healing Power of the Breath (Shambhala, 2012)

Complementary and Integrative Treatments in Psychiatric Practice (American Psychiatric Association Publishing, 2018)

The titles have won several book awards, including Gold and Silver Nautilus Awards. Currently working on foreign translation and sales of the Breath book while they complete their next book.

“Ms. Carrel has put forth a tremendous amount of energy in an effort to make my book, The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones, presentable, readable, and accessible.  She is dedicated, cooperative, and has utilized marketing strategies that I have felt comfortable with.  She is always available and extremely easy to work with. She puts every effort into making books and projects successful.” – Michael E. Platt, M.D.

Shepherded 2nd edition – new cover, new sub-title, developmental edit, book reviews, new printer, distribution deal, and a new website. Produced all publicity and marketing. Won three Best Health Book awards, and one award for Most Progressive Health Book. Book has been translated into German and Spanish. Negotiated deals, supervised Spanish translation. Sold 25,000 books, often ranked 2-3,000 on the first year.

“I cannot praise Wendy Jane Carrel highly enough. Her work is peerless. Wendy escorted my book, The Craft of Compassion at the Bedside of the Ill, from its crafting in deep solitude to the marketplace – a place very much a wilderness to me. From refining the 2nd edition title so it would be more widely received, to obtaining reviews and interviews, to helping me submit the book to prospective awards, Wendy has proven competent and flawlessly kind.”

Michael Ortiz Hill, RN, hospice and grief counselor, Buddhist practitioner, and initiated medicine man with the tribal people of Zimbabwe

It gives me great pleasure to provide a reference for Wendy Jane Carrel. I used her publishing and marketing services for three years.  During this time she continued to exceed my expectations in every respect. In our increasingly impersonal world, it is heartening to meet someone of her obvious intelligence, abilities, integrity, and charisma who genuinely cares about the services her clients receive.  It is rare – if ever – that I would offer such an unqualified endorsement; this is one of those times.” 

– Jean-Claude Koven, author, speaker, publisher, entrepreneur

Jean-Claude went from unknown metaphysical author to keynote speaker for body/mind/spirit events throughout the U.S. and on four continents quickly. He wrote weekly articles for UPI’s Religion and Spirituality Forum, reprinted around the world. He won two Best Metaphysical Book awards. We worked the Internet with press releases, book reviews, on-line magazine interviews and reviews, podcasts, radio interviews, social media, and domestic and international press. His book Going Deeper was translated into Italian by Edizioni Stazione Celeste, and into Tagulu by in India, and was produced as an audio book. Jean-Claude’s objective was to share his message about belief systems and the point from which we view.

“As an author with eight books in print, published over 35 years, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a “book shepherd”. Then I discovered Wendy Jane Carrel who showed me what I had been missing all along:  someone who not only read and appreciated my work, but had the necessary skills and connections to get it out there. It was like magic: three awards from prestigious competitions, accolades from reviewers, numerous media appearances, and prompts each time I lectured at a conference, university or other venue for publicity locally and nationally plus a good press kit.

Wendy Jane’s expertise does not stop there:  she can do things no author can do (especially one as professionally engaged as I am, seeing patients, publishing in professional journals). She can tell publishers why your work is valuable.  Articulate, and even eloquent on my behalf, she negotiates with publishers, especially their marketing and distribution departments, and works interactively and synergistically with them. Best of all she sings the song I can’t sing (which shares the value and meaning of my work and contributions to assist others), and why talk show hosts, magazines, foreign publishers should wish to welcome me as a speaker, interview me about my work, or publish my work in another language.  She is also a damned good cheerleader when I temporarily forget my own creative potential.  If you are an author who respects his or her own work–whether a beginner or a seasoned author–I can’t recommend to you too highly how valuable it might be to have your own book ambassador.  Wendy is the best!

  • Stephen Larsen, PhD, Nautilus award-winning author, highly-regarded neurofeedback expert, psychologist with focus on healing brain injuries and trauma, protégé of Joseph Campbell. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis edited his authorized biography of Joseph Campbell co-written with his anthropologist wife Robin Larsen for Viking Press.
  • Books we’ve collaborated on published by Quest Books, and Healing Arts Press (a division on Inner Traditions and Simon & Shuster) –
    The Fundamentalist Mind
    The Neurofeedback Solution
    The Healing Power of Neurofeedback

Collaborator Colleagues:

“Wendy Jane Carrel is a pleasure to work with. She immerses herself into her work projects and is very thorough. She is well versed when it comes to books. She can take you from point A to Z from: enhancing your image, making sure your content is a correct reflection of you, finding the right printer and excelling in the distribution and promotion area. I highly recommend working with her serene, sublime, eclectic, passionate personality.”

  • Jessica Stevens, web site designer, book designer, Los Angeles, CA

Editorial Arts –

“She’s smart, savvy, hard-working, and fun — definitely someone to have on one’s team or at hand to refer to an author who needs help with book development and promotion”

  • Carolyn Bond, book editor for Stanford University Press, Inner Traditions, Quest Publishing and other publishers, Ashland, OR

“I know that you are very particular…. you like things to be a certain way… of a high standard…. I like that about you… you are such a caring publicist which is why you attract wonderful clients… it is your heart that comes through your work.

  • Andrea Garrison, radio talk show host at On-line with Andrea, Blog Talk Radio

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